In a Nutshell

I should have started documenting long ago, but its better late than never, so here are some of the things I missed.

A long, long time ago....

        Alright maybe not THAT long ago, but it seems like its been a while for sure! This is how it all started. Glenn and I met online (Gasp!!) on a sustainable living website, not a dating website, and so we already knew we had that much in common. When we met he already had The Land for a few years and was working on his very own earthship... so, it's true, the man of my dreams really does exist!!!!
   Soon after, I quit my job and moved in with him in his very normal house with all the fix-in's. The plan was to finish the earthship, sell the house and move off-the-grid. So, that's kind of what we did, except we build a cabin and its sort of finished and we sold the house and moved in!
     Why did we build a cabin instead of finishing the earthship ?? You ask?
 Good question. We were getting really sick of camping out in a tent when we came to work on packing tires for the earthship, yes two little pansy's is what we are. We also realized that even when we did finish the earthship there would not be enough room for all of our "stuff" to move in, so there would have to be some sort of out building anyways. We are still going to finish the earthship, and the cabin is helping us move along on living our life of freedom.


  1. I am so happy for you. I do not know of anyone who deserves their dreams to come true more than you.

    1. Stacy you are toooo sweet, thank you! Everyone deserves their dreams to come true, love your dreams and never give up... even if people think your a little crazy. :)

  2. My husband and I want to eventually build a house on our property and have considered an earthship, along with many other types of homes. I can't wait to hear more about your adventure building the earthship.

  3. That's great! We rarely encounter people who have even heard of an earthship, so just to hear you say you have considered it makes me happy! We are planning to start on it again this spring. :)