Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hot! Hot! HOT!

So, it has been really hot! We are very lucky that it wasn't this hot in the beginning of the summer, or even just a few weeks ago, because we just got our refrigerator and our ac unit all tested out and indeed they preform flawlessly running off of the solar array! Even though its burning up outside (ok, it's only 97 in the shade), I am nice and cool inside at 80 degrees! Feels sooo good.
             Mojo is inside too, although he has a baby pool filled with nice cool well water that he takes advantage of almost every time we do go out.
As for the girls and Mr. Roo, they are chilling under the house where it is shaded and cool. I have been making lots of ice for them, trying to get a stock pile of it, but I seem to be using it about as fast as I make it. I put cubes in their water, and I also put cubes in their fermented food. It does end up watering it down way too much once all the ice melts, but I just dump out the excess water and add more ice again.Last night I froze an ice bowl for the girls, and put their food in it this morning, I don't think they were as impressed with it as I was.  I also put a box fan in the window of their coop once they all start heading to bed, just to get some breeze in there and hope to push some of the extra heat out for the night. I only do this for a few hours though, the box fan eats up more energy than I thought it would, so unfortunately we can't keep it on all night for them.


 I did the dishes today, outside of course, and am happy I got them all done before it got too hot out. I really do enjoy doing the dishes with the garden hose, if I get carried away and spray water all over, it really doesn't matter at all, I think the plants and bugs actually prefer I go a little crazy with the water in this heat.

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