Sunday, March 22, 2015


Glenn and I agree that this spring has been the most appreciated spring of our lifetime. Although we are always happy when spring is here and the long winter is coming to an end, this year really does seem even more loved than before. Glenn thinks it's just because we have never had to start a fire instead of push buttons on a thermostat, but for me having a wood stove is what I enjoyed most from our first winter off the grid. It made it sooo cozy and the oven and stove top was always ready to use, that was nice!
I just feel relieved for my chickens sake! I know that the girls are supposed to be able to just deal with the cold, but my goodness I worried about them when I knew the temp would drop really low at night. Now the future is warm and I will probably worry they are too hot :)
 We have been outside alot and loving it. There is sooooo much to do that it was difficult to decide where to start.
We decided to get our property line trail blazed.
So it went from looking something like this

to something more like this! 

We were already starting to notice crazy amounts of mosquitoes and we knew that we had to complete out tire flipping task before the rain came. So we did some fun tire flipping. 

Then we stacked them next to the last pile we did and then sealed them all up with a tarp. 

The rains came and our wet weather creek was flowing and beautiful.  

The ground was nice and soggy after all the rain, so we decided it was a good time to dig some holes for the goat fence we need to have ready by July!

We used an old telephone pole for some of the fence posts.
Glenn had to cut them to the size we needed.

Then we just tamped in the dirt around them.

We added an old tractor tire inside the goat run, hopefully the goats will like jumping on it. 

So far we ran about 100 feet of fencing around our set posts and T posts, 
we still have another 100 to go and a few more holes to dig. 

I keep my eye out for morel mushrooms, they could be coming up any day now...

Happy Spring!!!


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