Wednesday, May 20, 2015


It has been slow going in the gardening department. I had a garden all dug up and fenced off before we moved here, but it just wasn't getting enough sun, and the soil is so rocky and mostly clay that it just didn't work well. So, after many conversations with Glenn about where the best location for a raised bed would be... well there really was no good spot because it was either in the way or it wouldn't get enough sun. Possible solution is to begin to terrace the east facing bluff for a garden, this would be good for more than just having a garden, but it would also help us clear and keep it cleared enough to be able to see the river throughout the summer when normally it gets too overgrown. So this is our test terrace, if it does well this summer, I will continue digging and maybe in a few years I will actually have a substantial garden to talk about.

I just started digging, see the river way down there?

Of course Mojo helped me

Instead of "digging" I should describe is as "prying rocks" because that is a better description

 This was my view, the trees across the river are just starting to bud

Then Glenn helped me line it with hardware cloth and put a drain pipe in it,
 and he added the rocks for a good solid edge. 

Here are the tomato plants that Mamma G(THANK U!) grew for us, freshly transplanted

 They should be very happy tomatoes with a view like this!

The welded warrior that Glenn made, hopefully it can deter tomato horn worms...

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