Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our 1st Snow!!

Unbelievably, we got our first beautiful blanket of snow on Sunday! It was a peaceful day, although waaaay to early to want to see snow, it's here so why not love it. Although I am in high hopes that it will all melt away soon.

Enjoying a walk through the woods

Can't believe all the fall colors are already gone!

Unfinished geodesic done has another cold winter to endure

Solar array will need a little extra sun to melt this off

Glenn's artwork looks good in the snow too

The chicken run shanty, this is my creation... as if that's not obvious! :)

It is keeping the chickens dry and out of the snow when they want to be

I thought they would all stop laying with it getting so cold, but our Cinnamon Queen is determined

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