Friday, December 26, 2014

Dreary December

We have had about 6 days that the sun has actually been shining on our solar array all month long, and two of those days were yesterday and today. So, I have taken a trip back to to the laundry mat and have not vacuumed, charged the computer/hotspot, or the batteries that run our radio... I thought that it has been more dramatic than that, but really it's not very dramatic at all.
 I have had plenty of fun doing things that don't require any power.

I sauteed a big ol' pan of onions, so I could freeze some for later and use some for our beet sandwich

I think that cooked onions look like worms... yum! 

Beets are one of my favorite food, you can't go wrong, wrap in foil and bake until they are tender.

Glenn liked the grilled beet, cheese and onion sandwich, so that's how I will have to fix beets for him, even though I like to eat them peeled with a dash of salt. 

I started on my meal planner again... to make sure there is some sort of variety in our diet, 
because otherwise we just keep eating the same things over and over again. 

My first time using my flour grinder in the cabin! 

I love making my own fresh flour, but a little intimidated to start making bread in the wood stove because the temperature fluctuates so much, but I will be trying soon. 

 Glenn hung a rack to extend my dish drying space, it really helps.

Splitting wood

It has been a mild winter so far, with lots of rain, 
so there are tons of mushrooms that are looking as cute as ever. 

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas! Can't believe 2014 is almost over!


  1. Tons of mushroom.

    Tons of happiness.

  2. Beet sandwich! I would try that. All those onions though would have me begging for onion soup.

    1. Do try the beet sandwich, it does not disappoint :) I'v never made onion soup, I will put it on my list of recipes to try.