Friday, October 24, 2014

Rainy Day

This post should have been posted a few weeks ago... but that didn't happen, better late than never.

We went a full week with our solar tracker not moving at all, no solar gain and a ton of rain. The rain gauge was full… but I don’t know when we last dumped it out soo… 
not sure on how long it took to get 5 in.

Everything happens for a reason in my book and the extra rain that formed a steady stream of water into the tool shed and then seeped into the chicken coop must have been one of the reasons for all the rain. The tool shed is where we are planning on calling home for our two baby goats this spring, so aren’t we lucky this didn’t happen while they were occupying it, I don’t think the shovels and rakes minded quite as much as the goats would have.

The chickens were not impressed the flooding in their coop. The poor things, when I let them out that morning, I swear they were telling me the sky was falling.

So, to take care of this a trench was dug outside the doorway of the tool shed and cleared all the way down the hill. Then I took out everything in the tool shed and swept the water out the door, otherwise the coop would have gotten even worse, and who knows what those poor girls would do then, 
they would probably need counseling or something.
 It was a success, and so far no more water in the shed or the coop!

Of course while I was doing all of this, it was raining, and Mojo was trying to supervise and help dig in the muddy mess whenever he got a chance. So, he was a wet and muddy mess, luckily he loves to play "towel" and wiping his feet is one of his more practical tricks. :) 

Another awesome thing about the rain is … you guessed it, mushrooms!
 I had a lot of fun finding mushrooms in the rain.  
wood ear is all pretty and plump when its rainy, but dries up in a hurry.

This is our wet weather creek that was bubbling and sounded so peaceful.

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