Sunday, October 19, 2014

Winterizing the WOM Room

 Glenn has been hard at work to winterize everything that we can currently think to winterize. He added the door to the WOM (water organization module) room so that he could spray foam it to help seal and insulate it from the cold winter ahead. The plan is to add a ducting from behind our refrigerator that feeds into the WOM room and see if that is enough to keep it above freezing. He has also piped in the exhaust fan from the bathroom directly into the WOM room so if we needed to move some warm air in a hurry we could, and the last resort would be a space heater in there to ensure no freezing temperatures. We will see this winter….

So he ordered 2 canisters of spray foam and suited up in hillbilly style for the occasion. How he is ok with me posting this picture …. I have no idea.

 Before he started spraying we put a box fan in the doorway and it’s a good thing we did, there was a nasty haze of foam in the air. He sprayed all the walls except for the one that is shared with the cabin and he sprayed the ceiling too.

Now for spraying under the cabin, this is where he really got foam all over himself,
 and probably some chicken poo too. 

Here is a close up to show how much the foam didn’t really expand.

This is the end result, all we had to do was scrape off the ends of the two by fours and we were done. The foam did not expand as much as it did when the crew sprayed the cabin. It did fill in all the spaces and gaps that would otherwise have let all the warm air out, so we are happy with it. 

Our on demand water heater uses propane, so Glenn has the tanks outside, behind the WOM room. He wanted to have them stabilized for winter and so he went to work mixing the concrete for the pad they sit on. He has been getting a lot of experience working with concrete, he is kind of a pro now ( I think so at least), even though he is using a tile trowel. He still plans to secure them a bit more and also add a little roof over them. 

We have also been cutting and splitting a ton of wood, the beautiful fall days are great for it! He splits and I wheelbarrow them to their new stack.  

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