Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mother Earth still thriving in January!

After a pretty dark and dreary December, January was nice and warm (for January at least). It was 50 degrees today, sunny and wonderful. We had some nice cold days too, but it just made for some nice icy pics. 

I never thought I would find mushrooms in January... but I did! 

This is what the lion mane looks like now, it has seen some better days, but its been there since the fall and I didn't think I would still see it in Jan. 

We have lots of pretty clumps of moss too. 

Glenn tested out his trusty rain boots and made some rock towers in our wet weather creek.

 Then the creek froze and was so beautiful! 

This picture doesn't even look like it's frozen to me, but it was. 

Crazy thing is all the water was gone, so it was just an ice shell. 

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