Sunday, January 4, 2015

You Go Girls!

I tell our chickens all the time that if they would rather spend their energy on staying warm, instead of making eggs, they can, I don't get many taker's though. At least they don't feel pressured. :)

Even our sweet lil' crossed beak girly started laying! 
She is an Americana and is laying one of the first 2 on the left. 

I have no idea who is laying this one... maybe one of my Wyandotts? 

One of our girls took my offer and ran with it and decided to go broody. I have read that it is common for silkies to go broody often, but I didn't think that she would try to hatch an egg in the winter! I have also read all kinds of things to help our girl "break her broodiness" but it requires her to be in a cage without any nesting materials, in a cool place. Well we don't have a cool place, it's either inside the cabin... (we keep it nice and toasty in there)  or outside, where she would freeze to death if she didn't have nesting materials to keep her warm. 

So my solution is to get her out of the nesting box a few times a day and cuddle her in my coat until she warms up a bit, normally she will snuggle about 15 min. or so. 

Then Powder Puff/Butter Ball (we can't agree on her name, so she has 2) decides she is sick of me and  ready to go hang out with the girls and Mr. Roo. She will just jump out and then I will feed them all a healthy little snack and make sure she eats and drinks before she remembers that she wants to go back to the nesting box. By that time I have already collected all the eggs, so she just sits on an empty nest... the determination, and stubbornness.


  1. Good Luck with the wanting to go broody hen! I think what you guys are doing is GREAT!...very fascinating stuff in here! I pretty much have the protein nailed down, working on the veggies, fruits and nuts....but going off grid would be an awesome thing and is definitely something I want to do. I see it being the hardest goal for me to hit...financially and knowledge wise. Again, neat stuff you guys are doing for sure!

  2. Thank you! We still have a lot to learn, and could learn so much from your animal filled farm. Glenn started out with purchasing just 1 solar panel and charged 1 battery to get the feel for it, it took years for him to feel confident enough to get to where we are now. Start small and enjoy, good luck!!

  3. Thanks! That sounds like a perfect place for me to panel and a battery....and go from there. I'm still learning a ton everyday on the critter stuff, but you ever have any questions, just ask!

    1. Awesome. I love knowing that I have good resources to turn to :)